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Wildebeest Kuil in the News and Comments from Visitors

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Some comments from visitors at Wildebeest Kuil:

"An 'other-world' experience with music and traditions" - Liz Valentine

"Very special"
- Ronald Kemsley

"Amazing. Will come again" - Graham Oram, Cambridge, UK

"Absolutely awe-inspiring" - Barkhuizen family, Kimberley

"Winged words!" - Michael Welsh, Canada

"Really interesting and well set out. Felt good energy on top at the engravings" - Jim Feely

"Found tour and guide's information excellent" - J.H. van der Straat

"Wonderful - keep going" 
- Liz Crossley, Berlin

"Worthwhile a visit and more" - Jens-Peter Steffen, Berlin

"Fascinating! Well done! Very interesting" 
- Brian Roodt, De Beers

"Unbelievably real" 
- Mildred Gradwell,
Cape Town

"Eye-opening! Historic!" 
- B. Jewell, East London

"Absolutely wonderful!" 
- Steve & Tanya Haggerty, USA

Educational  - keep up the good work.
M.M. Lenyabo, Galeshewe


Great work!
Clive vd Berg

Past H. Africa, Barendse Griekwa Huis

Dr Langeveldt, Barendse Griekwa Huis

Good to see the “arts” being protected.
Steve Newboald, Cape Town

Marcia Kalebe, Kimberley

 Baie goed, interresant, het baie geniet.
Billies Difanno Pamo, !Xun and Khwe CPA


Nice, interesting and touching.
Boichoko Moremi, Warrenton

Bravo! U R doing a
 swell job.
Lolo Seleka, Galeshewe


Dit was ‘n belewenis!
Jesse Strauss

Excellent. Very impressed.
Philip Kiberd, UK

Excellent place.
Rumi Chetty, Kimberley

‘n wonderlike wêreld! Ongelooflik aangebied. Dankie vir die goeie gids.
Adriaan & Heila Louw, Kimberley

A most wonderful site. Full of energy!
Gurte & Maria Walton

Very interesting and tastefully done. Thought provoking!
Nadine & Jeff Bergamyer, USA

Baie mooi! Gaan so voort!
Albert Vorster

Prof Themba Sono

Keep it up. Let the people tell their own history.
Sibongile Nkomo 

Michael Morris, Cape Argus

The shop looks great!
Adèle Wildschut

Video very informative and the place is exquisite.
H. Mofokeng

Excellent. The kids learnt much!
Flamingo Primary School

It’s a remarkable historical site and educative for our future.
Kankiri Ho Darius, Kigali, Rwanda

Beautiful, important, restful, proud; challenging for South Africans to know and respect our heritage.
Nick Henwood, Cape Town

Very good contrast programme to Kimberley, and important insights. Keep on with your efforts.
B. Bunk, Germany

Just unbelievable. Keep up the good work. Viva!
Victor Mojanaga

Excellent project.
Sipho Mampe

Excellent representation of what once was, I believe!
Johan van Niekerk, Upington

 A great learning experience.
Thikwane family, Ulco

Very well done. Congratulations. 
Val Ward

A moment of extreme pride.
Meryl-Joy Wildschut

Enjoyed! Keep up this good work!
Christopher Chippindale

A very spiritual experience.
Camilla Mary SPB & Fr Anthony Gann

Great - very interesting.
Richard Liversidge & Vivienne Liversidge

A gift from our past for our future.
Jarodien family, Kimberley

We never expected so many engravings
W. & C. Steineke, Germany

Josiah Katz

Have to come again!
Liisa Lind, Helsinki


Dr Donald Watson, UK

A remarkable experience of a remarkable people.
Les & Elma Phillips, Johannesburg

Quiet and nice place, kind reception.
Tomoya Nakauz, Japan

A wonderful experience.
Aron Mazel

Very good display
Wilfred Delporte, Kimberley

A very good selection of art works.
M.M. Patel, Kimberley 

Congratulations on a very stout effort. It's great when dreams and ambitions can eventuate, and even greater when they WORK. 
Patricia Vinnicombe, Australia