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Become a Friend of Wildebeest Kuil

 Signing-up as Friend, Donor or SponsorYes! I wish to help ensure a future for the pastby joining the Friends of Wildebeest Kuil (I’ll also send this on to a friend)  Name: Address: Telephone & Fax:                                                                  Email: Comments:   

Please send this form with your cheque or enquiries to Wildebeest Kuil, c/o Archaeology, McGregor Museum, P.O. Box 316, Kimberley 8300, South Africa.

Cheques to be made payable to: “McGregor Museum: Wildebeest Kuil Fund”.

OR: you pay deposit contributions directly to the Northern Cape Rock Art Trust as follows:

Account name: Northern Cape Rock Art TrustAccount number: 9099901183Bank: ABSABranch: Kimberley  Branch Code: 500902


 To join Friends of Wildebeest Kuil: Annual membership (please circle) 
Individual R25Family R40Limited Income/Learners  R15
 Rock Art Stewardship, Wildebeest Kuil: R100Your name will be included in a list of Wildebeest Kuil Stewards. Wildebeest Kuil Sponsorships: (please circle)Your name will be inscribed on an individual plaque, which is based on an animal image from the site, and mounted on the Donors Wall at Wildebeest Kuil. 
Ostrich plaque:  R300-R500 Eland plaque: R1000Zebra plaque: R5000Hartebeest plaque: R10 000
Elephant plaque: R25 000Rhino plaque: R100 000Wildebeest plaque: R250 000Dancing figures R500 000 +



Wildebeest Kuil Eland Fund (R1000): Dr Benjamin Smith; Mr Gurth Walton (in memory of Maria Walton); Ms Giselle Baillie; Prof Nick Segal in association with Centre for Development and Enterprise (R2000); UBUNTU Foundation (Switzerland); Mr Cedric Meyer; Dr Robert Kaplan (Australia); Mpumalanga Heritage Project; Dr John Raimondo.Roan Antelope Fund (R1000): Dr Francis Thackeray.

Wildebeest Kuil Ostrich Fund (R250-500): Mr & Mrs Roelf and Paula Hartzenberg; The Vipond family; Ms Tara Turkington; Dr Sue Milton-Dean; Dr Denise Lourens; Prof Meg Conkey (USA); David & Noeleen Morris; Mr Brilliant Mhlanga (National University of Science & Technology, Zimbabwe); Mervyn and Geraldine Bennun; Dr Jessica Stephenson

Wildebeest Kuil Stewardships (R100): Mr Lawrie Shuttleworth; Mrs Dana Sumar; Mr Sven Ouzman; Mrs Lyn Klemp; Mr Hugo Leggatt; Ms Rachel Giraudo (USA); Mrs Veronica Bruce; Mr Alistair Andrews; Miss Fiona Barbour










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